1st International Workshop on Web Search and Data Mining


IWWSD 2019 is a workshop that will publish original, refereed, high-quality papers related to web search and data mining and Social Web, with an emphasis on practical yet principled novel models of search and data mining, algorithm design and analysis, economic implications, and in-depth experimental analysis of accuracy and performance.

Original papers focusing on new algorithmic approaches are particularly encouraged. Application oriented papers that make innovative technical contributions to research are welcome. Papers on new and emerging topics are also welcome.


List of Topics

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

·         Web Search

·         Indexing web content

·         Query analysis and query processing

·         Search benchmarking and evaluation

·         Search user behavior and log analysis

·         Searching social and real-time content

·         Semantic search

·         Web crawling

·         Clustering, classification, and summarization of Web data

·         Data extraction, integration and cleaning

·         Social network mining

·         NLP for Web mining

·         Opinion mining and sentiment analysis

·         Neural architectures for Web search and mining

·         Social network analysis, theories, models and applications


Workshop Organizing Committee

·         MOHAMMED ERRITALI , Faculty of Science and Technology, Beni Mellal, University Sultane Moulay Slimane, MOROCCO

·         BADR HSSINA , Faculty of Science and Technology, Mohammedia, University HASSAN 2 MOROCCO

·         Francoise Sailhan, National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts(CNAM) PARIS , France


Provisional Program Committee (to be confirmed)

·         MOHAMMED ERRITALI, University Sultane Moulay Slimane, MOROCCO

·         BADR HSSINA, University HASSAN 2 MOROCCO

·         Samia BOUZEFRANE, CNAM, France

·         Francoise Sailhan, CNAM, FRANCE

·         Najlae IDRISSI, University Sultane Moulay Slimane , MOROCCO

·         Rachid EL AYACHI, University Sultane Moulay Slimane , MOROCCO

·         Mohamed BASLAM, University Sultane Moulay Slimane , MOROCCO

·         Muhammad Sarfraz ,Kuwait University, Kuwait

·         Mohamed FAKIR, University Sultane Moulay Slimane , MOROCCO

·         Halima Elbiaze , University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada

·         Ebad Banissi, London South Bank University, United Kingdom

·         Suliman Hawamdeh , University of North Texas, USA

·         Davy Monticolo, the ERPI laboratory of the University of Lorraine, France

·         Xiuhai Cui, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

·         Si-Gwan Kim, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea

·         Muslihah Wook, National Defence University of Malaysia, Sungai Besi Camp, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

·         Soo Young Shin, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Gumi, South Korea

·         Ruey-Shun Chen China University of Technology,China

·         Hiroyuki Yamauchi, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan

·         Yuesheng Zhu, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, China

·         Masayuki Arai, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University, Japan

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