1st Health Technology Innovation: Emerging Trends and Future Challenges


Nowadays, the healthcare industry is experiencing its most rapid pace of innovation ever. In fact, healthcare solutions are increasingly dependent on the innovative use of modern technologies regarding prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. As a result of large information derived from technologies, there is a number of concerns about security, commercialization, data management, and data analysis. The aim of this workshop is to combine knowledge of multidisciplinary areas in order to exchange different ideas, experiences, and contributions to health technology innovation. As “innovation”, we refer to novel technological medical solutions developed to address health problems and improve quality of life, as well as data safety, technologic efficiency, and cost. The workshop will also provide the opportunity for researchers to identify the main problems, difficulties, and set the major goals of development for the future. Authors are invited to contribute with research papers based on empirical data, including case studies. We also encourage analysis of theoretical constructs and methodological aspects, aimed at questioning existing models and elaborating hypotheses for further research


List of Topics

Presentations will encompass a broad range of topics related to health technology including (but are not limited to):

•         Intelligent systems for decision support systems

•         Technology-based interventions

•         Remote monitoring and continuous assessment to improve health

•         Intelligent healthcare systems

•         Wearables, sensors and mobile devices on health

•         Machine learning and data mining

•         Biomedical engineering technology

•         Quality frameworks for health innovation

•         Data quality

•         Health technology evaluation

•         Technology for biomedical applications

•         Impact of health technology on society

•        Laws, regulations, and research ethics


Workshop Organizing Committee

•         Eliana Silva, Univeristy of Minho & Optimizer, Portugal

•         Joyce Aguiar, Univeristy of Minho & Optimizer, Portugal

•         Victor Carvalho, Optimizer, Portugal

•         Joaquim Gonçalves, Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave & Optimizer, Portugal


Provisional Program Committee (to be confirmed)


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