RSPPI - Resources Sharing between Private and Public Institutions

Modern society has been relinquished more and more support on technological evolution with bigger integration and interaction between datacenters. That trend pushes the academic and commercial sectors to maximize the usage and sharing of resources through sharing platforms, from the hardware level to the application level. The sharing is correlated with the availability of computational resources, which is growing. In this line of ideas, the coming of age from Cloud Computing paradigm merits to be approach and discussed, in parallel with more classical computing subjects such as Grid Computing, Parallel Computing or Distributed Systems, which have been focused in several events and publications for many years. We believe it is pertinent to listen the scientific and industry communities regarding new platforms and lines of research in topics such as quality of service, data security, management and access control, or accounting amount others. These topics derive from the need of sharing and integration between institutions, never the less guidelines should be defined to implement shared resources between public and private entities. From another side, the expertise gained in the deployment of shared resources should be discuss, focusing on sharing platforms. Research can include stability, versatility, flexibility and interoperability. It is relevant to study models that can satisfy the kind of demands. In this session we pretend to provide a forum of discussion to all working in this area, will it be from a research point of view, a technical perspective or the transference of technology from academic or commercial partners. Subjects related with previous presented topics also can be included, such as issues regarding security, liability, events report, amount others.

Topics of interest
• Cloud Computing;
• Cloud Federation;
• Grid Computing;
• Cloud Interoperability;
• Big Data;
• Scalable Computing;
• High Performance Computing;
• Software Security and Liability;
• Software Engineering;
• Guidelines for Shared Resources;
• Public/Private Solutions;
• Shared Computing Platforms;
• Auditing and Event Registry;
• Resources Management and Accounting.

Organizing Committee
• António Costa; UTAD; Serviços de Informática e Comunicações, Portugal
• Francisco Pereira; UTAD; Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal
• Pedro Lopes; ESTGL-IPV, Portugal

Provisional Program Committee (to be extended and confirmed)
• Ana Pinto; FCCN;
• António Costa; UTAD;
• Carlos Friaças; FCCN;
• Francisco Pereira; UTAD;
• Luís Valente; UP;
• Pedro Lopes; ESTGL-IPV;

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